Hyperlocal Delivery

Automate your store with a hyperlocal delivery system

Roles & Apps

Admin Web App

Admin Web App

The master application that handles the entire system. Internal staff is also provided access to admin app with restricted capabilities

Customer Mobile App

Customer Mobile App

Customer can view the list of restaurants available in this locality, place and track orders

Vendor Mobile App

Vendor Mobile App

A Vendor can manage the restaurant, food and orders through this application

Driver Mobile App

Driver Mobile App

Drivers accept the orders placed by customers, picks and delivers food to customers.

How it works

Technology Stack










App Features

Easy Registration

Simple OTP based login and registration. Guest access to explore the app without login.


Users can avail discounts by using coupons. A coupon section lists the all active coupons

Delivery Address

Users can add and manage multiple addresses and chose any address as required

Online Payment

Integrated with Razorpay, the user can pay using almost all the available payment modes

Order Management

Admin can manage the orders placed by users. Can assign it to staff and change status

Driver Management

Multiple drivers can be created and activated. They can be tracked and paid

Food/Asset Management

Assets can be categorized and managed. Parameters like cost and content can be changed.


Notifications on multiple events are triggered. The drivers get high alarm notification

Location Tracking

Driver can track the customer and store location using integrated Google Navigator App


Multiple reports on various transactions can be viewed and extracted by the manager


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